Bucks County

Playground Cleaning & Sanitation- volunteering Our Time

A short video of our company cleaning and sanitizing a local school playground.  We used soft washing to clean most of the playground, plus power washing off the dirty plastic parts.  When finished, we removed years of dirt, mold, mildew and buildup, leaving a bright clean surface.  Thanks for watching. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bucks County Pennsylvania

Could your commercial building or office complex use a quality cleaning.  Downing and Nelson, Company is your go to source for high quality cleaning services in Bucks and Montgomery County Pennsulvania.  Our entire business is centered around making sure your building looks its best.  We have the right tools, training, and most importantly, the desire to serve you.  Please call or email for a quote.  

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Check out These Before and After Shots

   Surface cleaning of a dirty walkway and front steps.  We had the pleasure of power washing this homes concrete walkway and front steps.  We were working in Doylestown Pennsylvania (18902).  This walkway was covered in mold, mildew and years of dirt.  We were able to power wash this area and completely restore this concrete to a clean state.