Professional Side Walk Power Washing

As the winter season arrives and we pack up our power washing equipment, we enjoyed the 2017 power washing season here in Bucks and Montgomery counties, Pennsylvania.  Here is a video of our surface cleaner making short work of this concrete walkway.  

Power Washing Surface Cleaning

Here are two videos (one longer and a shorter version) of our company power washing a brick patio.  Brick patios offer several challenges that make getting them clean a challenge.  We have done plenty of brick patios and have no issue getting them fully clean.

Playground Cleaning & Sanitation- volunteering Our Time

A short video of our company cleaning and sanitizing a local school playground.  We used soft washing to clean most of the playground, plus power washing off the dirty plastic parts.  When finished, we removed years of dirt, mold, mildew and buildup, leaving a bright clean surface.  Thanks for watching.