Interior Cleaning Estimating.


Step 1: Why Hire Us?

  • 12+ Years in business and 130 Five Star reviews to date

  • Estimates are sent quickly with no commitment

  • Fully Truck mounted, professional steam cleaning trucks

  • Fully IICRC certified cleaning company

  • Fully insured including workers Comp

  • 30 Spill and Spot Warranty free with every cleaning

  • Free spotter bottle with lifetime free refills

  • Someone answers the phone!

Step 2: What information do we need from you?

What we will need from you to get an accurate estimate is the following information as a detailed as possible

  • Every area or piece of furniture to be cleaned including

    • Best description of material and color

    • Main concerns you have, what makes it dirty

  • A general guess to the size of each area to be cleaned

    • General Length x width of each room

    • Is the rooms full of furniture or empty?

Step 3: What is included in the price?

We include everything need to get your carpet as clean as possible without changing extras

  • Specialty cleaners such as green, anti allergen, Eco friendly, standard no odor or odor added professional cleaners are included

  • All spot and stain removal is included and a 30 spot warranty is included (exception is major pet issues)

Step 4: What is an extra charge?

Unlike many cleaners, we do our best not to “nickle and dime you”. There are some additional services we offer listed below.

  • Major pet treatments are treated per spot and is the only thing hard to estimate over a website.

  • Deodorizer is $10 per area. After 5 areas the rest is free. So your total cost will never exceed $50

  • Scotchgard is a flat fee of $20 per area (250 Sq Ft is an area)

  • Filtration lines, the dark edges around the room, if treated, is $1.00 a linear foot.